Lebaran Days.

Happy Ied Mubarak who celebreated it. :) sorry for late post, I'm.....busy? :b

i didn't know what i wanna post here. so, i decided to tell u bout 3 days of Idul Fitri.

First day.

Me and my family went to Granada field to Sholat Ied near my house. after that, we went back to home to ate Ketupat, Rendang, Opor and many more. it has been a tradition for moeslem, Ketupat! isn't it? haha. and all the foods made by my momma! Enak parah :9 and we took some photos before we went to Grandparent's house.

My Dad&Mom. They're perfect couple! :)

Finally, we arrived at my grandparent's house. We took so many pictures there. wanna see? :b

That's one of the photos. Sebenernya masih banyak, tp mls upload disini. :p

at first day of lebaran, i just went to grandparent's house and stay at home. so boorrreeed.

Second day
We visited Enek's home, cousin of the grandfather. I ate a lot of foods there. :p

with my mommy. she's so beautiful, isnt she? :)

after that, i went to my aunty's house. ya not far from my home. As usual, putu2. :p

This is me :p wearing a tanktop what i ever said u in the late post. remember? :)

LOOK! Rachel, Gery, and Vira are playing in the cupboard. Hahaha.

Third day
First planning, we were going to anyer. and when we were on the way, there's a long traffckjam and finally, we canceled it. Errrr!!! fckfckfck. and we found the beach, visited for a while.

after that, we went back home. errr actually, there's near from port and Me, Kak Vina, Vira asked my mom to go to Lampung. tapi nyokap gakmauuuu padahal tinggal nyebrang doang. :(

i'm not really enjoy with my lebaran holiday. but, it's okay.
okdeh, mau mandi dulu mau kerumah sodara. bye blog. see ya ltr! ;)

(fyi: sorry for my bad english, i'm not fckin' good at grammar. :p)